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Layout and Design

Over the past 15 years, Paul Jessome has built a reputation for quality electrical services for homeowners in Orange County. Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the choices in lighting solutions and ceiling fans, and don’t know where to turn to for help. Paul has an eye for placement and symmetry, and can develop design/layout plans for any room of the home. He has worked closely with interior designers in the Orange County area and approaches every project with the same exacting standards. His work has helped homeowners throughout the region, both in remodeling projects as well as in new home construction.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans add style and ventilation to any room in the home. Ceiling fans are available in hundreds of different models. These fans can also help to reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling home interiors. Just like our recessed lighting installation, Paul can help homeowners add ceiling fans to any room, including angled ceilings and rooms with low ceiling heights. He will help you select the perfect ceiling fan to reflect your individual style and needs.

Some ceiling fans incorporate lighting, adding functionality to the fan installation by flooding dimly-lit interior spaces with ambient lighting. Ceiling fans can be found in single-speed or variable-speed configurations, systems with reversing blades, or models with 3, 5, or even 7 blades. Learn more..

Pendant Light Installation

Pendant lights add a dramatic look to any room. These light fixtures often require specialized installation to ensure security and performance. Paul’s precision installation practices help homeowners transform the look of rooms throughout a home’s interior. He can even help you design the layout of pendant fixtures with an eye toward symmetry.

Enhance your home ambiance with designer quality pendant lighting. With so many luxurious brands like Kichler, George Kovacs, Quoizel, and Tech Lighting, creating a modern look for a kitchen, living room, bathroom, or dining area is easy. With sizes and styles to compliment the most unique living spaces, it’s fairly easy to add pendant lighting fixtures by wiring them directly into a junction box in the ceiling or by choosing plug-in swag type lights that come with easy hanging options.

Sconce Light Installation

Sconce lighting can often be found in the most luxurious homes. Sconces are used to highlight specific areas, adding a dramatic look and feel to home interiors. These lighting fixtures are typically found in baths, living rooms, and bedrooms, but can be specified for any room of the home. From rough-in to wiring and trim, our expert installation services are unrivaled in the electrical industry.

Exterior Lighting

Recessed Lighting Co. is known for our interior lighting solutions, but we are also experts in home exterior lighting. Adding lights to the exterior of a home can enhance safety and security. These lights can be used to light pathways or to flood outdoor entertainment areas with ample light. They can also be used to highlight the architectural features of a home at night, adding curb appeal and style to any home.

Dimmers and Switches

Many homeowners prefer the versatility of lights that can be dimmed. This can have a dramatic effect on home interiors, flooding the spaces with light when needed or producing gentle relaxing light levels. Switches may need to be installed when one adds lights or ceiling fans to a roomRecessed Lighting Co. can handle all aspects of dimmer and switch installation, including rough-in, wire routing, and trims.

Timer Switches

Often used with exterior lighting, timer switches can turn lights on or off according to homeowner settings. Paul applies his many years of electrical engineering expertise to the installation of these specialized switches to ensure lasting performance and flexibility for homeowners.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Bathroom fans are used to remove moisture from bathrooms, and can be found in models with and without integrated lighting systems. From rough-in of wiring to ducting and trim installation, Paul’s expertise in bath fans allows homeowners to enjoy their bathrooms without fear of moisture buildup.

GFI/GFCI Outlet Installation

GFI (Ground Fault Interruption) or GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) outlets are required by many building codes. These specialized outlets are designed to cut power to the outlet in case of contact, eliminating the possibility of electrocution. These outlets are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and home exteriors, especially when moisture is present. GFI outlets add safety to the home.

Receptacle Installation

To add functionality to rooms in the home, it is often desirable to add electric receptacles. From floor-mounted flush receptacles to wall outlets, our expert electrical services can bring ideas to life. The result is a home that performs beyond expectations while reducing the clutter and danger of long electrical cords.

Switch Leg Wiring

Do you wish to add switches to control lights and fans in your home? Speak to the experts at Recessed Lighting Co. Our talented electrical engineer has the training and the experience needed to wire switches to the standards set by building codes, ensuring safety and performance.

The experts at Recessed Lighting Co. stand by ready to help homeowners in Orange County. From Anaheim to Yorba Linda, Seal Beach to San Clemente, we have worked with thousands of satisfied customers. We offer a vast selection of electrical services for the inside and outside of homes, including remodeling and new construction.

For a fast and free quote, or to schedule a consultation, call Recessed Lighting Co. today. For our customers’ convenience, we also provide an online contact form – simply fill it out and one of our representatives will contact you immediately.

Recessed Lighting Co. has been the trusted choice for recessed lighting installations in Orange County for over 15 years – call today to learn more about our full range of other quality electrical services, including ceiling fans, switches, and wiring solutions for the home.

What Our Customers Say

Our family is so happy with the work that Paul did in our home. We hired him to install recessed lights in our living room, and from the start he was very helpful. We weren’t sure about placement or types, and he guided us through the whole process. Scheduling was fast and convenient, and the work he did was even faster. We thought it would take longer. Now our home is perfect!

-Jennifer, Lake Forest

Paul helped us install ceiling lights in our kitchen and patio. From start to finish he was very professional, and very fast. The ceiling had no previous lights and now it looks like our home was originally designed with beautiful LED lights that dim. No traces of recent work, and he did a great job making sure that our furniture was gently covered and protected before starting.

-Jason, Seal Beach

I called Recessed Lighting Co about 3 days before a big party I was planning to host. I was highly doubting that I could get new lighting installed before the event, but I was wrong. Paul helped me understand what was involved, gave me a very reasonable price, and showed up the next day. What I thought would be a multiple day process turned out to be only a few hours. So impressed. Just call because you will be happy you did.

-Bill, Huntington Beach

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